Project Smart Factory and Industry 4.0 at Varioprint

«Industry 4.0»  - the informationising in product engineering – and the project «Smart Factory» have progressed significantly in the framework of Varioprint AG’s high-tech strategy.

As one concrete example the Varioprint navigation system shall be specified, which maps out the itinerary of the circuit board through the various processes and production stages. This comprises the computing of the system configuration, as well as generating the necessary machine parameters in detail.

As soon as the production order is started the fully automatic system absolutely reliably provides the necessary data at the right point in time to the respective machines. All Information gained from preceding process steps is incorporated in order to optimize the individual process steps and dynamically adjust them to the specifications of the respective process order.

In order to achieve this networking function machinery and equipment have to be linked accordingly. A complex system of rules – which has access to an extensive databank – controls the production processes.

The example of automated inner layer production illustrates the complexity of these processes: In the manufacturing process the cores, copper plated on both sides, are coated with liquid resist, then follows laser imaging and finally etching. These processes are chained up in a fully automated line. The cores are fed into the plant with an automated loader, the guide rails, cache memory and handling robot transport them through the plant and finally they are taken out again.

As soon as the cores have been taken from material storage, the line configuration and imaging data are fully automated processed and transmitted to the line. While the plant is busy processing the cores the system monitors continuously the performance characteristics; any deviation would be immediately reacted to.

By consistently applying the approaches of «Industry 4.0» labor costs can be reduced – with at the same time increasing output and quality standards.

Kind Regards, Martin Steiner
Head Applications Engineering